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February 2016
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Happy Birthday Tovah

30 random acts of kindness

Okay, I’m falling behind seeing as how it is already April 5th (oh my gosh how is it April 5th already?) and I haven’t done any of my 30 random acts of kindness. As I mentioned here for my 30 birthday this month I wanted to do thirty random acts of kindness. I’m also asking [...]

Washington love

My frugal friend Tabi wanted to hang out and have fun but not spend a ton of money. And then she suggested that we try to find beautiful places around where we live and document them in photos. We lucked out with a gorgeous day and we spent the hours talking and taking photos of [...]

November changes

November clouds near our house
It’s been quiet on the blog front for several reasons. Clark detailed in the last post how busy he is working. I too, have started a job and I now work weekends, which is when Clark and I would do the things we’d often post about on this blog. With both [...]

sometimes you don’t have anything to write about…

…so here’s a random picture:

Things I didn’t know I would miss until they were gone. . .

. . . a short list encompassing many years of learning:
1) Clark’s ability to kill spiders/roaches/bugs that are in our home that shouldn’t be. He can just get rid of them and go about his business whereas I have to pull out the vacuum, plug it in and then use the extending wand to suck [...]

Visiting California

Nothing I write is going to be as excellent as Tovah’s Christmas letter so I’m not even going to try. Tuesday night I flew to California for several days to visit with Nick. He’s basically a brother to me. It has been awesome spending uninterrupted time with him, getting to know Amy (Nick’s GF) better [...]

We found a house!

We have put an offer in on a beautiful 2 bedroom house here in Bremerton. We are excited about it and just wish we didn’t have to wait a month before moving in. When we do our house inspection this week we will get some pictures of the house here in Bremerton. Meanwhile things continue [...]

boxes as far as the eye can see

Today a worried Remmy keeps me company as the packers box up our stuff. He is nervous that we are going to leave him again. (We aren’t but he doesn’t know that.) I am worried about all of our plans coming together–to sell the house, to have a vehicle lined up for driving cross country [...]

Quick note

The pups are up on Molly Mutt’s website! I’ve already posted the pictures here on the blog but it’s still neat to see our dogs and also the other customer dogs enjoying their molly mutt beds. (I think ours are the cutest but that could just be me!) Go here