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February 2016
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Archive for 'home ownership adventures'

Productive Weekend! (Part 3)

The job which kicked our asses for the majority of the day was installing a motion sensing light in the back of the house. We made repeated attempts to find a way to run wire in the back wall of the house. No matter where we put a hole we were quickly stymied by horizontal [...]

Productive weekend! (Part 2)

After completing the bike pulley installation I decided I’d enjoy the beautiful sunshine we were having to plant my garden. Tovah and I had finished working the plots a week or two earlier but hadn’t planted anything except for our raspberry bush start. I went to the gym, got in an awesome Crossfit WOD, showered [...]

Productive Weekend! (part 1)

This past weekend was extremely productive around the house. Since I’m overwhelmed with stuff to talk about I suppose I’ll handle things as they occurred chronologically.
Saturday morning I got up and immediately set about installed this awesome bike pulley system:

The space where the bike is was a large volume we couldn’t figure out how to [...]

Treasures in our yard

We moved into our house at the end of November when the leaves were falling and most of the plants in our yard were getting ready for winter.  So we don’t know what plants may be lurking around our property, just waiting for spring to come. Spring has been coming on slowly, with lots of [...]

Captain Obvious makes some observations

Upon purchasing a house make sure that you have keys to all the locking doors in the house. Yes, you can file this under “things we should have known.” Honestly I’m not sure how it escaped our notice that we didn’t have keys to the back door other than the fact that we don’t often [...]

So today I bought a ladder

High winds yesterday blew the vent cover off the top of our furnace exhaust. Since I figure that water in the furnace isn’t a good thing today I went and got a ladder. I went with werner and got the 13′ multipurpose ladder.

Ready to go up.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THE ROOF?!? If you fall [...]


One thing that I think is essential for a marriage to work is compromise. Clark and I compromise all the time, even in little ways that each other probably don’t realize. However sometimes the compromise is a conscious decision that has been talked over. Take for instance, my latest home improvement desire. I’m not sure [...]

Seattle Home Show

As I sit hear listening to the dulcet tones of Clark yelling at the dryer wiring and proclaiming that he doesn’t want to be a home owner anymore it comes to mind that maybe we should have hired someone to wire the dryer in for us. It’s true that a professional would probably have already [...]

Today I learned a lot but accomplished very little

Tovah reminded me that I’m way over due in installing the wiring for our dryer. We’re presently using an older gas dryer the house sellers sold us for $50 while our nice two years old high efficiency whirlpool has been sitting idle. I have very little in the way of home improvement skills but figured [...]

The mud “room”

The really cool thing about knowing that this is a house that we want to keep for a long time is that my desire to fix it up is stronger.
My only other comparison for owning a home was our house in Virginia, the first house we ever bought. I don’t know if it was the [...]