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February 2016
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This is what is wrong with America

So in case you aren’t a pop culture fiend like I am let me catch you up to date. Kim Kardashian is basically famous for being famous. She has a reality tv show and perfumes named after her and probably some clothes and handbag lines. Yesterday she filed for divorce, which happens but not usually [...]


I’m not making fun of the disaster(s) but between Tornados, flooding, hurricanes and humidity it stuns me that people live in the south/central USA. People fear California because of earthquakes but they aren’t that bad or frequent. The pacific northwest is even better. I’ll take a lot of rain to not live in fear of [...]

Rant courtesy of the DMV

Today at the DMV I wasn’t allowed to register the Prius because Clark wasn’t with me. I hate when I can’t get things done because Clark is considered the more important part of our union. We are married, we have joint banking and I have his best interests at heart. I’m not trying to steal [...]

Lesson learned….

Yesterday we went to Seattle for the day to hang out with Justin and Jane. We had a lot of fun but that isn’t the point of this post. The point of this post is a lesson learned: Never, ever, take the ferry right before a Seahawks game.
Why? How about traffic diversions which funnel you [...]

Well said

As some of you have seen the major news outlets have been covering the “scandle” and investigation of Navy Captain O.P. Honors, the (sadly) former CO of the USS Enterprise. I was going to rant about it but a friend of mine I know from the ship said it far better than I could on [...]

A long time coming

I’ve been meaning to rant about this for a while now but life, the holidays, my headaches, etc all got in the way. But now I’m all fired up and ready to rant!

Me fired up!
What am I upset about? I’m pissed about the renewal of the Bush tax taxes recently passed by congress. Many articles [...]

So Tuesday afternoon was interesting…

Last night: third crushing headache in as many days during a workout.
Today: casually explain this to Corpsman, who tells doctor, who orders me in a wheelchair and sent by ambulance to ER.
This evening: CAT scan and spinal tap determine no cerebral bleeding, aneurysm, or meningitis.
Diagnosis: The vague (but aptly named) “Exercise Induced Headaches” which can [...]


After over three years of trying to get the Navy to provide me laser corrective eye surgery I was shot down today. I’m pretty bummed. Since my vision isn’t horrible, my corneas are thinner than normal and my eyes don’t have the ideal shape they decided I wasn’t an ideal candidate and since the Navy [...]

so look what I found at 0450 this morning:

It turns out the whole neighborhood was vandalized. After calling work letting them know I was…delayed to say the least (which pisses me off because I’ve never been late for duty/watch) I made a police report and began cleaning out the glass. As I spent the early morning hours vacuuming I had multiple people come [...]

conversations on facebook….

Before I go on I need to mentioned that skydiving was unfortunately canceled yesterday due to high winds (darn safety requirements…). Two weeks from now we jump!
A Facebook friend and I recently enjoy a back and forth discussion regarding all kinds of good things, namely the US Constitution, Christianity, and the founding fathers. I thought [...]