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February 2016
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Tovah knows her s**t

With Tovah’s chicken pox being so contagious I went food shopping yesterday. Ordinarily I’d wander aimlessly about the supermarket inevitably buying about all we need but taking a long time to do. Tovah, knowing this, sent me an instructional e-mail that I felt compelled to share. This e-mail is so awesome because her assertive knowledge [...]

bye bye bad food

Last night Tovah went dancing and since I’m still not quite up for dancing I stayed home. During that time I walked over to safeway to get a few stocking stuffers during which time I fell to temptation. Not even temptation really, more like a sad, pathetic, initially exciting but regretful later celebration of food [...]

A house full of people

It was definitely a full house
Poor Clark is still suffering a lingering headache and has been resting a lot. I am also still getting over a cold so we have been sick together. Fun times at our house!
But last Saturday we really did have fun times. We had our housewarming and gingerbread house decorating party. [...]

Franklin, TN is for ice cream lovers

I may need to settle in Franklin, TN. The town is very charming, affordable, surrounded by gorgeous country and has a lot of excellent eateries. One is a make your own ice cream creation place.
Step 1, select ice cream (soft serve, sadly not pictured):
Step 2, choose from candy toppings:

Step 3, choose more deliciousness from the [...]

Ring the dinner bell!

For my birthday I got a new subscription to a cooking magazine from my sister. I was so excited to try out the new recipes and I thought it would be fun to see what Clark really thought of them, so this will be a joint blog entry.

Chicken Chili with homemade cornbread: It was [...]

Clark can cook too!

Tovah has become an exquisite cook over the years (big thanks to her family for all those cooking magazine subscriptions!). I often make us breakfasts which, while tasty, aren’t anything particularly fancy. I do know one recipe though and I figured I’d share it: Cheesy Broccoli Chicken and Rice.
Leah taught me this my freshman year [...]


Clark and I are always trying to strive for a greener, healthier life. We are big on recycling and frequent the thrift store often for household goods. I have the time to make food from scratch and I love knowing what goes into my food. It is wonderful to finish a meal and know that [...]

Fake Twitters

Sometimes Clark keeps a log of “fake twitters” and I always find it an interesting peak into his day. From very early on Friday morning here are musing from a watch officer on 4th watch (12:30 to 6:30 AM):

-0130: Only five hours left. I’m going to be so hungry later
-0132: OMG. Small radioactive spill. [...]

Homemade Corn Dogs!

Remmy says “Although I am concerned about the name “corndog” they sure smell good!”
I don’t have the best pictures of homemade corn dogs but let me assure you that they are delicious. While they are not the healthiest thing sometimes it is nice to just eat some comfort food. Clark and I both love this [...]

These pictures are making me hungry

Clark and I are always trying to eat healthier. Recently I realized we were eating meat with every meal and how we could probably scale that back a bit. So I’ve been trying out some vegetarian options and there are some really tasty meals out there! These Spinach and black bean egg rolls are a [...]