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February 2016
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Archive for 'Survival'

Garden evolution

Our garden continues to grow and do great. I have kale, spinach, and carrot sprouts. The raspberry bush has come back from the brink and is looking good again (we were worried about it for a while). Additionally, we recently planted zucchini and bean sprouts. So exciting!
Soil quality is showing improvement. I recently mixed my [...]

Are you prepared?

Gas prices are rapidly climbing over the unrest sweeping across the Middle East (bummer because I’m about to drive to California). Our bankrupt government and states are trying to pass union-limiting legislation that has protests erupting all over this country. When gas prices go up food prices go up. When food prices increase more protests [...]

Branding yourself

Branding yourself, and I don’t mean like they do to cattle, I mean in terms of recognition, is essential for business success, online or elsewhere. Several months ago I listened to a podcast about successfully creating your own web brand. I realized that since I enjoy buying cool stuff (examples one, two, and three) and [...]

Pew Pew Pew

All my babies. More pics and a video to come eventually but I wanted to put something up!

Compost bin part 2

With a lot of the framing complete I went about installing the mesh screening for the walls. I chose a tough wire mesh simply because I like the thought of metal over plastic. I also discovered the first thing I would have done differently at this point: I would have made the walls a size [...]

Compost bin part 1

In the effort for great self sustainability I’m really excited to start a good garden here. I may have gotten a little ahead of myself but before tilling any earth I built a compost bin. Being able to fully shift to our own composting will save us a little money each month by not needing [...]

Buggin’ out

This weekend I picked up a few essentials for my bugout bag. Tovah suggested doing a blog post on my bag which is a great idea because I never have.
What is a bugout bag? In common practice it is some sort of backpack with useful supplies you’d want with you if you suddenly had to [...]

bang bang bang

So the big gaping hole in my firearm collection is a rifle. I have two pistols and a shotgun. Yes, I do have a cheap .22LR rifle but that doesn’t really count. This past week, much to Tovah’s frustration, I’ve been obsessively researching rifles. Mind you, not a carbine in 5.56, but a rifle in [...]

Being prepared!

The snow came in Monday and Washington wasn’t ready for it. Combine the snow with freezing temperatures and very strong winds and the roads became nearly impossible to navigate. So here’s how my Monday went:
-I woke up at 0400 to go in for my shift and slowly made my way to work in the snow. [...]