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February 2016
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Archive for 'geeky'

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

“Rage Faces” are an internet meme. They tend to be very simplistic drawings conveying specific and straightforward¬†emotions. The following comic is made using them and I can’t stop laughing at it. I’m chuckling to myself just thinking about it as I write this. Click on the image for a larger version and have a happy [...]

I’m still here!

I haven’t been on the blog much. These days, I spend so much time working on DogHouse Systems stuff or else at the gym (not to mention ~40 hours/wk with the Navy) that when I’m done with all that, not to mention getting some time in Tovah and Remmy, I don’t have the energy to [...]

I’m a wizard

My DogHouse work

Several of my recent posts have commented on how busy I’ve been between the gym and my work for DogHouse Systems. At present, I don’t have much pictures or videos to show from the gym (though I’m workign to change that) but I do have a lot I can share from DogHouse Systems.
First, I’m thrilled [...]

While we were dancing

In September Tovah and I went to Bridgetown Swing and had an incredible time. West Coast Swing and awesome dance fun was just one of the events happening at the Portland DoubleTree that weekend. As we pulled up in the car my jaw dropped when I saw this:

That is some guy appearing to hump SOLID [...]

You will be missed

As some of you know I’ve been doing part-time/side project work for DogHouse Systems for over a month now and I’m loving it. I can’t say enough good things about how thrilled I am to be doing work I’m passionate about in an industry which has always excited me. Unfortunately, that industry lost a tremendous [...]

What have I been up to?

Outside of percocet induced naps and generally feeling like my guts are tied in a knot I’ve been busily working on some very exciting technical projects, the details of which are forthcoming. For now I just wanted to share a demonstration I made. I’ve been experimenting with improving the quality of videos on youtube from [...]

PAX11 – Part 2

The show floor wasn’t just costumes and extravagant displays, there were also some awesome technical demos out there:

In the above picture a representative from Asus is overclocking an Intel Core i7 CPU.
For the non-technical: due to chip design and engineering tolerances a CPU can only run so fast before it sustains heat damage. Higher clock [...]

PAX11 – Part 1

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to attend PAX Prime on the behalf of the Doghouse Systems Guys. I bought one of their excellent computers when they first launched and have become friends with John and Keith over the years. If you’ve never been to an event like this before it will stun [...]

Portal 2

On the 19th Portal 2 launches and boy am I excited. The first Portal was a game that received some of the best accolades and reviews in gaming history. It combined a wicked and sarcastic sense of humor with mind bending puzzles to create an incredible experience.
For the unfamilar, the basic premise of the game [...]