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February 2016
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Archive for 'family & fun'

Welcome Home!

We are all home from our California vacation. Even Remmy went with us! Clark and Remmy were gone for two weeks and I was gone for one. Lots more photos and stories to come but for now we need to rest from our big adventure. Congrats to Nick and Amy on their wedding! May they [...]

Spring at my house

Spring has come to my house! It still rains and is overcast but that just makes it more glorious when the sun finally peaks through.

The cherry blossom tree outside my front door is also blooming. I’m so happy to see its big fluffy white flowers.

Our apple tree is also just starting to bloom. The flowers [...]

Missing them

I’ve been missing my guys since last Wednesday. I am so glad we will be reunited today!
I was really apprehensive about spending so much time away from Clark and Remmy. I was trying to pretend that it would be fine but as the time for them to leave came closer I had to keep giving [...]

Random acts of kindness progress

Last time we left off I had a long list of random acts of kindness to do this month in celebration of turning 30 on the 30th! I’m really enjoying doing this and, like I thought it would, it brings happiness to me in addition to the person who benefits from my random act of [...]

Beloved hedgehog attack

If you love Clark and Remmy this is the post for you!

Uh, Hey Daddy. What’s going on?

I don’t think I like where this is going. Do you not see the paw on Mr. Hedgehog? That paw claims ownership.

I am NOT amused.

Hey, hey, hey, get your own hedgehog. I don’t want your drool all [...]


It has already been over a week since my parents came for a quick two day visit. Let’s catch up.

I was wondering how it would go since they were bringing their two dogs-and two extra adults– equals a very full house for us. It went really well though, all the dogs got together well. My [...]

Back when…

Tovah recently did a big picture organization project and in doing so found a few select gems that I’ve been meaning to share. Just a few pictures for a Monday. That’s all. Enjoy!

Back when I was 19 thinking I knew so much but actually knowing so little. That’s D&D stuff all around me. Yes, giant [...]

Fancy dress outing

I’ve heard some of my out of state military friends who are stationed in WA bemoan the fact that northwesters are casual dressers. Having grown up in Oregon I find our casual attire normal and I tend to think “but I’m comfortable, why would I want to change?”
However this weekend Clark took me out to [...]

Do-it-yourself thoughts

There were several months where we hadn’t really done any projects around the house. Well, we when got back to work we REALLY jumped in the deep end.
So Clark’s Uncle Rob was coming to help us because the scope of these projects was beyond us. Clark was really excited to learn some new skills from [...]

What a crazy couple of weeks

I’ve been going non-stop lately. A few weeks back with minimal notice I went into a weekend of night shifts to assist in covering the Nimitz’s test program. That put me behind on sleep as I went into several really busy weeks. Between increased Navy work, more work for DogHouse Systems, the CrossFit gym, Jiu [...]