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February 2016
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The CrossFit Open

Right now CrossFitters all over the world are excitedly competing in the CrossFit Open. This is the end of the fourth week. You see, seven years ago the CrossFit community was small enough that everyone knew who the best were and those individuals were invited to compete in the CrossFit Games to determine the “fittest [...]


It took five months but I am finally enjoying working out at the crossfit gym. Doing crossfit was always Clark’s passion, not mine. In fact I never think “oh I’ve done X, that means I can do anything now.” I always think “I barely survived the last thing, you want me to do WHAT?”
However, I [...]

I remember…

I remember always dreading pullup bar day in middle and high school PE. Most kids would get on the bar, do some number of pullups, usually one to three. get a good job from the teacher and leave the bar. A few select kids would do a bunch, ten or more and everyone “ooo’d” and [...]

Thanksgiving thankfuls

It is Thanksgiving week! How did this happen already? Today I’m thankful to not be at work (it’s my weekend! Or something like that…)
I’m also really thankful that these people don’t live next door to me:

Seriously what IS that? It looks like the hawk/eagle it trying to decapitate that guy. And the sign says “Our [...]

Homage to pain

On Saturday I accompanied Clark to the CrossFit gym to photograph the “Fight Gone Bad” Fundraiser. Originally Clark had planned to just cheer other people on but having been given the all clear from his doctor on Thursday the temptation was too great and he jumped in. He would soon be very sorry, as his [...]


For the first time ever I’m soliciting donations for a cause. On the left side of the blog you’ll see a new page link “FBG6″ which will remain up until after the event on September 17th. Regardless of whether or not you donate I’d be very appreciative if you’d simply click over to the page [...]

Dying at the gym

Knowing I wouldn’t get to workout for several days due to my eye surgery I was especially motivated this past Wednesday at the gym. That motivation, combined with a workout which played equal parts to my strengths and weaknesses, was a perfect storm for my self destruction. I reached a new level of intensity in [...]

Warrior Dash Part 1

Yesterday we went to the Warrior Dash which is a very popular race in the “mud run” category of hardcore 5k-10k length races. Heading out there I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it or not but I quickly realized it was going to be an awesome day. A big part of the fun was [...]

This isn’t about vacation…

…but it is still awesome. Now that I’m regularly training at Rain City CrossFit I have been rolling hard on the fitness wagon. When I’m at work and unable to hit the gym or else exhausted after a workout I frequently watch CrossFit related videos. I hereby present my three favorites:

Belief – a video more [...]

My Crossfit weekend (Part 2)

The weekend Level 1 course was hosted by King Crossfit out of Renton, WA, though the course was held at the Renton Fire Department training center. I was mildly nervous, primarily because I know I lack certain abilities more fit or better proportioned athletes possess (Muscle ups and kipping pullups primarily). Any nervousness quickly disapated once we [...]