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November 2015
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Olympic National Park vacation day 1

So last Wednesday, instead of Clark being at work and me just getting home from volunteering (like today) we were packing up the car and heading out on our vacation. Although it was overcast in Bremerton as we drove out the weather turned sunny and it didn’t do worse than sprinkle on us for the next three days.  We went in search of some amazing sights and our trip did not disappoint.

First off we were driving toward this (that is a snow capped mountain in the distance):

And along the way we stopped at Crescent lake, which was gorgeous:

We were getting hungry and drove into Forks for dinner. Twilight mania has hit Forks, and they have embraced this unexpected money maker. They are still a small logging town–and not anything like the movie, fyi–but the travelers have brought enough revenue to the town to support building a new high school, three gas stations and one grocery store.

After several hours in the car we were happy to continue on to our cabin by the Sol Duc river. Since we don’t have television at home it is always a treat to stay at a hotel and watch it. So we didn’t rent one of those “get away from technology” cabins. Ha! Yeah, right, we had Wifi and Direct TV and we enjoyed the heck out of them. However we also made sure to enjoy this amazing river view:

How cute are the shingles on the main house? Love them!

And this is the loft over the garage that we stayed in. Full kitchen, bathroom and television hide-away.

The next day we were excited to wake up and go explore the Hoh rainforest. That’s right, a rainforest in Washington. Stay tuned!


Comment from david/dad
Time June 16, 2011 at 1:17 pm

what a spectacular getaway! very nice.

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