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February 2016
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“yarr” is no longer in my vocabulary

For almost as long as I can remember using computers I’ve “acquired” software and music through various sources. Whether it was from fserve bots in old IRC channels using scripts Justin wrote, Napster during its heyday, or the present trend of torrents, I’ve always skirted the edge of what is acceptable when it comes getting my hands on a lot of my computer software.

At the forefront has always been my use of Adobe products. Not any more because I’m no longer a pirate: A few weeks back I bought a copy of Adobe Premiere Elements. I never mentioned it because I was without the time to really get into it until this evening and damn am I impressed.

When Tovah got my sober grad footage transferred to DVD I tried finding a decent freeware DVD ripping tool and was consistently disappointed. Sometimes you get what you pay for it would seem. I just installed Premiere Elements and already have the footage ripped from the DVD and cropped down to just the sober grad section. Next will be some titles and sharpening followed by outputting to a manageable divx encoded .avi. The flood gates are opening and there are dozens of projects awaiting my attention: Remmy music videos, old DV handy cam footage I have, some FRAPS from WoW, and I’d love to make a Crossfit video as well. All in good time.

For now it feels good to be exploring my creativity on legitimate software.


Comment from Holly
Time February 12, 2009 at 6:41 pm

Hey Clark I was just catching up on your blog! As soon as I read “For almost as long as I can remember using computers I’ve “acquired” software and music through various sources. ” I couldn’t help but remember the video that Justin and I made for you… me with a picnic table-full of burned cd’s saying it was all your fault… Hope you guys are well.

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