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February 2016
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More videos to share…

…but this time they aren’t CrossFit related. Dance video time! My awesome friend Megan was geeking out with me over some of the great performances from the history of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). Dancing with the Stars seems to have captured mainstream attention more so than SYTYCD but the superior dancing exists on SYTYCD.

Take, for example, one of my favorite routines of all time, Alex and Twitch and the “Get outa my mind” routine. A lot of the time the routines are designed to tell a story but the choreographer is a little too artsy for my appreciation. This routine succeeds in telling a story without being over the top. Alex is a ballet dancer by training and Twitch wants him to do hip hop. It’s so awesome, check it out.

Some routines are just powerful. Season 3 had Lacey, whom you may know from dancing with the stars, perform this incredible routine with Kameron. Her leap at 1:17 is stunning.

Can I brag and mention I’ve been lucky enough to dance west coast with Lacey? =)

A lot of my favorite routines involve a prop of sorts, ranging from a suitcase to a bench. This routine, another contemporary one with Twitch and Kherington uses a bed to a gorgeous John Mayer song and is excellent. Sometimes the most powerful part of a dance is not moving, such as the look she gives him around 1:16.

Sometimes the prop work is simpler. Case in point: Jeanine and Jason.

My only complaint with SYTYCD is that partner dancers seem to be struggling compared to their contemporary and jazz solo counterparts. As a swing dancer I’m a partner dancer. I’m too old and would never be good enough to be on the show, but there are a lot of amazingly talented partner dancers out there who get passed up because the structure of the show tends to favor the contemporary soloist. Even when the partner dancers draw a dance style which is partner dancing most of the choreography is solo time anyway.

I’m certainly not bashing contemporary. Some of the best routines have been contemporary as it is a style supremely suited to story telling and emotional expression. Billy & Ade do a routine about homelessness and the stratification of wealth which is stunning. As a side note, a lot of the routines I love involve songs I love too.

Speaking of contemporary and a song I love, check this out:

I have to include this one because it has Benji being a goof ball in it and he’s a professional west coast dancer I see around at the conventions we go to. Last, but certainly not least is what I always call “the suitcase routine.” Mark and Chelsie absolutely nail a routine which tells the story of a couple where work is pulling the guy away. Yeah, that theme resonates with me (gee I wonder why….thanks Navy). Thanks again to Megan for all the links and sit back to enjoy Mark and Chelsie:


Comment from david/dad
Time June 20, 2011 at 2:10 pm

I have been publicly admitting that I watched every episode of DWTS this past season and:
I loved it. Great athletic work; discipline and killer moves. (Well, maybe not with Sugar Ray Leonard). As I told you, Bonnie and I want to learn some basic ballroom stuff. Also a friend of mine is trained formally in ballet and also is tops at hip hop dancing and has combined both. very cool.
Remeber who taught you your lst move..”Stir it Up”. Dance on…

Comment from Joseph
Time June 21, 2011 at 4:24 pm

Here are a couple amazing routines you MUST check out as well that weren’t mentioned here:

Addiction – Kayla & Kupono
This Mia Michaels routine depicting struggles with addiction is haunting, and the performance by Kayla & Kupono is incredible.

Tyce Diorio – This Woman’s Work (Ade & Melissa)
This amazing tribute to Cancer left not a single dry eye in the house. Ade’s incredible strength and the all-out trust Melissa had for him are extraordinary.

and one more: Ashleigh & Ryan – I’m there too – I just loved that this husband/wife team made it all the way to the top 6 or 8 together…how awesome would that be? And their last dance together is just great…

…sorry, Clark, just had to throw these in…

Comment from Mom
Time June 22, 2011 at 5:31 pm

I got bored with DWTS this season. It’s never been a favorite show of mine but this last season was a yawner. Some of these videos gave me chills!

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