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February 2016
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Basement door reveal!

As Clark said this post took a little longer to put together because in all of the time we’ve lived here we never took pictures of the basement doors. That is because they were so ugly. Another 1947 original they belonged to an era of smaller cars when a car would have fit in the basement. The large triple door not only sagged and was awkward to open but the weathered wood no longer kept the cold air out.  In fact, the majority of the door had plastic bags stuffed in the cracks in an effort to seal it (which wasn’t really working.)

We knew back when we bought the house that we would need to replace these doors at some point. It was a big project that we needed help with and we were so glad that Clark’s uncle Rob was willing to tackle it.

The doors before:

Notice that they don’t close properly at the top, hence the concrete block helping hold them closed at the bottom.

A mishmash of paint, wood and plastic bags.

More plastic bags stuffed along the bottom.

It’s not really surprising that I didn’t take any pictures–luckily Clark took a video and was able to do screen captures to show you what was there before.

Rob did an enormous amount of work by pouring a new concrete step and then built a frame for the double doors we bought. Rob also found a local milling company that could make siding that matched our wood siding and finished the outside beautifully. Clark added insulation and helped hang the doors. I did a lot of painting in order to seal the wood from the wet weather we endure. I still have painting to finish on the inside and ideally to make the concrete step more finished we’d put flooring tiles on it.

However the doors are so much better than what was there before. They are sealed against the weather and not a plastic bag is in sight! The glass windows in the top still let in a lot of light, which is good in the basement. Clark and I both love the look of the centered doors with the wood siding on the sides and we are really looking forward to decreased heating bills without our precious hot air escaping out those triple doors!


The old doors and ruined wood that came out are in the driveway. The doors were in the process of being painted here.

Finished door with Remmy’s reflection sunbathing. He obviously approves.


Comment from Anne
Time March 11, 2012 at 12:10 pm

Talk about night and day. Love the color!

Comment from Alea
Time March 11, 2012 at 7:52 pm

Very Nice!

Comment from Dad/David
Time March 11, 2012 at 8:13 pm

Love the upgrading. Congrats.

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