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February 2016
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Perks of the job

Let’s be real now, my job is hard physical labor and doesn’t come with a lot of “perks.” But now that it is spring I have something to look forward to each day:

The arrival of baby horses! Check out this cutie, his mom was imported from Europe when she was eight months pregnant! They are VERY nice horses.

This next little guy was born in the wee hours before I came to work on Sunday. His mother had been sweet and docile while pregnant but once her baby was born, watch out! She was a very protective mama and you can even see in the picture that she is eyeing me and just waiting to shake her head at me if I came any closer. But that is her job, especially when her foal is just a newborn.

Look at that dorsal stripe down his back! That will be a unique feature as he grows up.

And I missed this little guy’s birth by only two hours! I’ve never seen a horse born and hope to sometime this spring. His mom is a pony and he was so tiny. Being such a newborn meant when I saw him he was stumbling around drunk and wide eyed in disbelief about the events of being born.

And later he rested. Just look at him sleeping.

These two little guys are also a perk at my job. They are Harold (with his back to the camera because I’m petting him) and Izzie. They have big characters packed into little tiny bodies and are always good for a laugh.


Comment from Anne
Time April 19, 2012 at 7:14 pm

Precious post. I was driving through the country roads a few years ago when I came upon a cow giving birth. It’s quite miraculous.

Comment from Mom
Time April 20, 2012 at 4:03 pm

OMG! How cute is that????

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