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February 2016
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Wait! You can’t leave before us!

So just a week ago we finally got together with our friends Stephen and Madison. It had been awhile since we’d seen them as we haven’t been out dancing lately and we all had been busy. Over dinner we found out that Madison had decided on a college in Boston and was leaving in September to start there. And Stephen was also leaving about the same time for Boston with a work transfer. In the meantime they have several trips scheduled and will be in and out of town.

While we are so excited for them because:

1) Boston is amazing, seriously–what a fun town,

2) College is awesome and we are so excited for Madison to be finishing up her degree,

3) It’s so cool that Stephen could transfer up there and will get to experience a great new dance community,

we are also sad to see them go. (And I might be a little bit jealous that they are leaving VA a whole month before us!) In fact with Clark’s work schedule and their travel schedules it will be hard to get together in the coming months. So in addition to meeting up for dinner we also met up later that weekend at the Big Bands on the Bay. And we enjoyed the music, ice cream and took the photos in this post.

First attempt at getting all four of us in a picture.

We always have such a fun time when we get together. Not only are they both fun to dance with–and have grown incredibly as dancers since we met them–but it’s also fun to just hang out with them and get dinner or watch a movie. We will sure miss them when they go!

Eleventy-billionth attempt at a photo of us all together. I had already dissolved into giggles.


Comment from Dad/David
Time July 1, 2010 at 1:46 pm

I love you both. I am always happy when I see you smiling as you are in the photos with friends. Enjoy your holiday weekend.
Does Clark have to work?

Comment from Mom
Time July 1, 2010 at 6:49 pm

Stephen and Madison will love Boston! I had such a great time when you guys took me there. So much to do and what an interesting town. I’m just sorry that your friends will go before you two. Great pics! xoxo

Comment from Stephen
Time July 3, 2010 at 5:38 pm

We’ll miss you two as well! Thanks for the dedicated post, I know I feel special now…. Remember, you’ve always got a room if the two of you want to visit (or visit and attend a WCS event or two as well :]).

Also, these are great pictures. Would you mind emailing me a zip of them or sharing them out on mine and Clark’s DropBox share folder?

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